Chair site, sculpting and bonding in North Dallas, TX

Are you unhappy with chips, cracks or stains on your front teeth? If chips, cracks, stains, and gaps are taking away from your smile, we suggest that dental bonding in North Dallas, TX may help resolve your problem.

We can complete dental bonding treatment can be completed in just one visit. Please call or email our dentist near you for an appointment at a preferred time.

Dental Bonding Procedure at Connie J Smith DDS

Numbing gel may only be required in case of any decay present in the tooth. At times, our dentist in Dallas, TX may use numbing gel or oral sedation if the chip is located close to a nerve or if the tooth is sensitive.

Our dentist may place cotton pads in your oral cavity to make it easier to work with the tooth. Once you’re comfortably settled, we will choose a resin color that closely matches your natural teeth. Then, using a special solution, the dentist will roughen the tooth’s surface to help the resin adhere better to the enamel.

Once the dentist applies the composite resin, he or she will use a curing light to harden the material. The next step involves trimming and molding the putty to the desired shape and size by using a power file. The bonding material is then pressed onto the tooth and re-shaped using specialized dental instruments.

Once you make an appointment at Connie J Smith DDS, our team will take care of everything. Please contact our tooth bonding dentist near you for dental bonding in North Dallas, TX.

How to Care for a Bonded Tooth

Dental bonding is not associated with any harmful side-effects or risks. Occasionally, a few patients may experience heightened sensitivity for a day or two, after which the problem will resolve itself.

We suggest avoiding very hot, cold, and excessively sweet foods in the days immediately following the dental bonding procedure. With proper brushing and flossing, patients can retain the effects of dental bonding for as long as ten years.

Our trained dental team at Connie J Smith DDS in Dallas, TX is happy to offer a range of cosmetic treatment options.


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