Conservative Teeth Replacement Solutions like Dentures Are Still Valuable

Conservative Teeth Replacement Solutions like Dentures Are Still Valuable

Dec 01, 2020

If you have lost one or all your natural teeth, getting replacements will be high on your mind as you wouldn’t want to display a toothless mouth. You may research the dentist near me to inquire about the best replacement options you can have. You may think dental implants or bridges are the only solutions currently available. However, the dentist near you may spring a surprise by stating conservative solutions like dentures are still available as a practical solution for replacing missing teeth.

The thought of wearing dentures shouldn’t scare you, mostly if you have lost all your teeth. You must think about having the replacements as soon as possible if you want to have the ability to bite and chew properly and prevent a sagging facial appearance from making you look older than you are. Present-day dentures are unlike their older counterparts and are designed with comfort and functionality in mind. Modern dentures are similar in appearance to your natural teeth and can improve your facial appearance and smile.

You can have full dentures to replace your missing teeth if you have no natural teeth left in your mouth. On the other hand, if you have only lost a couple of teeth, you can consider partial dentures that are also practical.

What Does Denture Preparation and Placement Involve?

During your first visit to dentistry Dallas, TX, to evaluate your need for dentures, the dentist examines your gums and surrounding bone structure to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you. If you have bony ridges that interfere with denture’s stability, you may need oral surgery. Any remaining teeth in your mouth must be extracted before denture placement. After the dentist has determined that dentures are appropriate for you, they take impressions of your gums to identify all crevices or ridges to make sure you get the best fitting possible.

In situations where teeth removal is necessary, the dentist in Dallas provides an immediate denture to enable appropriate healing of the extraction site and serve as an aesthetic replacement for your natural teeth. When fabricating the immediate denture, the dentist uses a shade guide for choosing the replacement teeth to match closely with your natural teeth to minimize any changes in your appearance.

Placement of Final Dentures

Full dentures are created after your gums have healed appropriately, and sufficient time has elapsed for the healing. Full dentures replace all the teeth in your upper or lower jaw. Your gums shrink naturally during the healing period after tooth loss and require around six to 12 months. While you can have immediate dentures during this period, they may require frequent adjustments to accommodate the variances in your gums and underlying bone structure.

You can get a removable dental prosthesis like an overdenture to cover and rest on more than one remaining tooth root. Removable partial dentures are dental prostheses to replace some teeth and are created around your existing natural teeth. Full dentures, overdenture’s and removable partials must be removed when sleeping. This is to enable the gums to rest and be bathed by saliva. The saliva helps to maintain a healthy mouth.

Caring for and Adapting to Your New Dentures

It is incredibly essential to practice healthy oral hygiene when wearing dentures. You are vulnerable to developing severe medical conditions if you develop oral irritation from inadequate dental hygiene. Some of these conditions include but are not limited to leukoplakia, fungal infections, and periodontal disease.

Brushing your gums, tongue, and palate with a soft-bristled toothbrush every evening when you remove the dentures and in the morning before you insert them back is essential to stimulate your gums and eliminate plaque accumulation. Dentures also need attention, and when you remove them at night, provide them the same care as you do to your mouth. Brush the appliances carefully to remove loose debris and plaque before soaking them in a cleansing solution.

You need to visit the dentist in North Dallas 24 hours after your new dentures are delivered to you. You may experience some initial discomfort with the new appliances, which can be corrected by the dentist. Initially, you may face challenges getting accustomed to the dentures, which you will overcome with time. However, if you experience persistent soreness or irritation, contacting your dentist for a solution is essential.

In the recent past, innovations like implants and bridges are frequently chosen by everyone. However, it has in no way diminished the value of dentures, which continue to remain a conservative solution for replacing teeth for many.

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