Deka® laser in North Dallas, TX

Lasers are now widely used in the field of dentistry for multiple treatments, including root canal treatment, draining of abscesses, uncovering of implants, and smile makeovers, among many others.

Deka® laser in North Dallas, TX, used at Connie J Smith, DDS, that can help patients heal and recover faster.

Deka® Lasers Near You

Deka® lasers consist of concentrated light and help cut through oral tissue with reduced bleeding and minimal post-operative discomfort. Laser technology helps dentist near Hampstead Ln, treat infected teeth more efficiently and can prevent the need for root canal treatment in several cases.

The use of lasers allows non-invasive intervention during therapy and does not affect surrounding healthy tissue. At Connie J Smith, DDS, we also use Deka® laser in North Dallas, TX, for tongue-ties, gingivoplasty procedures, and gum sculpting treatments.

Benefits of Using Deka® Lasers in Dental Care

The use of the latest laser technology provides multiple benefits:

  • Non-Contact Dental Treatment: Deka® CO2 lasers prevent the need for aggressive drilling, scraping, or cutting of gum tissue, which allows for a more versatile range of treatments.
  • Accelerated Recovery Time: Our dentist near Hampstead Ln, uses laser technology to seal nerve endings and blood vessels, promoting faster healing. It also minimizes post-operative bleeding, infection, and complications.
  • More Successful Periodontal Treatment: Deka® laser in North Dallas, TX, remove diseased gum tissue and harmful bacteria from gum pockets, which help teeth become more stable. Gums are also able to heal naturally; we are able to use minimal suturing.
  • Reduced Usage of Anesthesia: The use of lasers reduces the requirement of anesthesia, which makes it safer for pregnant women and heart patients. Dental procedures become shorter, simpler, and less invasive.

Where Can I Find a Trusted Dentist Near Me?

Laser dentistry has changed the overall patient experience. Patients feel more relaxed during treatment and can see immediate results in terms of aesthetics. We use laser dentistry to treat mouth ulcers and canker sores, expose wisdom teeth and regenerate damaged oral nerves.


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