Dental Composites in North Dallas, TX

Even with modern dental technology and tips that dentists have given their patients for over 40 years, cavities are still a problem.

According to research, children between the ages of two and 11 have over 1.5 teeth with decay in it, and over 3.6 primary teeth surface with decay.

Fortunately, our dentist at Connie J Smith DDS can close cavities with a variety of dental fillings in North Dallas, TX.


Types of Dental Composites

Our tooth fillings dentist near you has several types of dental fillings to choose from to close a cavity. The materials available include:

  • Gold
  • Silver amalgam
  • Amalgam
  • Composite resin
  • Ceramic
  • Glass ionomer
Amalgam fillings are a combination of metals that include
elemental mercury, tin, copper, and silver. It is safe to use for
fillings, and dentists have been using it for over 100 years.
How to Choose Filling Material

The choice of material to use for your dental fillings in North Dallas, TX, is something our tooth fillings dentist at Connie J Smith DDS can help you decide. If you need back teeth filled, then you will want a sturdy material that can survive under biting forces when you eat. Teeth on the sides of your mouth also need durable fillings to withstand the forces it takes to tear meat with your teeth.

Your front teeth, which don’t rip or chew food, can use a more aesthetically pleasing material because they are visible when you talk or laugh. If you need a strong material but don’t want gold or silver to show, then ceramic fillings are strong enough to survive chewing forces, plus they will blend in with the color of your teeth.

Our dentist can use a color chart to ensure the ceramic matches the exact shade of your teeth. If you have cavities, our dentist at Connie J Smith DDS in Dallas, TX can help you choose the best material for your dental fillings to withstand all the chewing and tearing forces that your teeth need to do.

Along with strength and durability, our tooth filling dentist can also make sure the fillings make your teeth look their best as they protect your teeth against further damage from decay.


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