Jun 09, 2021

Do your misplaced teeth restrict you from attending social gatherings or smiling in public? Have you lost some confidence after losing some teeth? Do you want your big, beautiful and bold smile back? Then, consider getting a denture.

Dentures are removable dental appliances that are made to replace a person’s lost teeth and to create a good facial structure. After a person’s teeth have gone missing, they tend to look displeasing and old. This is because the teeth give glamour to facial appearance. Dentures are fake teeth that look like actual teeth sometimes and perform the same functions as normal teeth. When you get a denture, you can eat well, talk better and smile broadly than you used to when you lost your teeth.

There are various reasons why people make use of dentures. If you have missing teeth due to teeth decay, gum infection, or accidents, getting a replacement for the missing teeth will restore your facial appearance and oral health. Dentures are either made of plastic or metal. Visit a dentist in North Dallas for consultations on what type of dentures fits you best.

Before a denture is fitted, measurements of your mouth are taken by the dentist and then the dentures are made by dental technicians by the measurements that were provided by the dentist.

During the first few days, the denture might feel shaky depending on where it is fixed, upper or lower. However, after a short time, you will become accustomed to them and learn how you can wear them better. Also, you can remove your denture before going to bed but you must always maintain proper hygiene. Do not keep your denture carelessly or in dirty surroundings.

Dentures can either be Complete or Partial. Let’s see the distinction here.

Complete Dentures: This is a type of denture that is used to replace the entire real teeth in the upper or lower jaw. They are made of plastic roots and colored to duplicate the gum tissue. It consists of Conventional and Immediate Dentures.

Conventional dentures: are placed in the mouth by creating a seal with the gum tissues. It takes about 8-12 weeks to get the denture prepared for use. They are placed in the mouth after the gums of the misplaced teeth have healed. One of the good things about this denture is its durability.

Immediate dentures: are temporary dentures that are given to patients while they wait for conventional dentures. The dentures are made in advance. So if you wondering about how you are going to cope with missing teeth while you wait for the conventional denture, you need not worry cause the immediate dentures can serve as a replacement while you wait for your dentures to get ready. It is usually inserted on the same day when you pay a visit to the dentist near you. The downside about immediate dentures is that as the gums begin to heal and shrink over time, you might need to visit the dentist for some adjustments so that they can suit you properly. This is why it is regarded as a brief remedy. You can visit a dentist in North Dallas, Tx for your immediate dentures.

Partial Dentures: This type of denture is only fitted to the number of teeth that were lost. Unlike complete dentures, they don’t fit the entire teeth. They are gripped together inside the mouth with precision attachments and are carefully adjusted around the real teeth. It can either be plastic or metal-based. The metal denture is the conventional method and it is very strong and long-lasting. The plastic denture is used in emergency cases and is fitted into the mouth of the patient while the metal denture is being made. A partial denture can be removed and they look like natural teeth. Partial dentures also support the teeth so that the remaining teeth don’t take up the position of the lost tooth.

Note that dentures are not the only options for teeth replacement. You might prefer a dental implant. Ask your dentist in Dallas, Tx for more information on what options are very convenient for you.

Dentures have saved a lot of people from dental problems and low self-esteem that comes with the inability to speak freely due to missing teeth and teeth damage. Dentures can last long for several years hence you don’t have to feel helpless cause help is not so far away. Try to see a dentist in Forest, LN for your dentures today. We serve nearby areas like Forest Ln, Melshire Estate, & linden Labne.

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