Non-surgical period dental treatment in North Dallas, TX

We can treat the early stages of periodontal disease with effective non-surgical therapy.

Gum disease is caused due to plaque and tartar attacking gingival tissue and tooth roots below the gum line. Regular screening during exams can help detect periodontal disease before it spreads.

At Connie J Smith, DDS, our experienced dentist near you offers a range of non-surgical treatment in North Dallas, TX, to treat and reverse gum disease.

What Are the Options for Non-Surgical Period Dental Treatment Near Me?

Gum disease may cause bleeding, soreness, persistent bad breath, and exposed tooth roots. Once we assess your oral cavity and measure the gum pockets, the dentist will recommend a suitable non-surgical solution for your requirement.

Scaling and Root Planing: Scaling paves the way for root planing, which involves cleaning plaque from below the gum line. We numb the affected area before proceeding to remove the tartar. Scaling and root planing is a painless procedure and requires a follow-up appointment after three to four weeks.

The scaling and root planing smoothens the roots and allows gums to re-attach themselves more easily to the tooth root.

Anti-Microbial Therapy (AMT): Once the scaling and root planing procedure is over, we place an anti-bacterial medication under the gum line to help kill the oral bacteria in the pockets. Dentists also use trays that fit over your teeth, also known as tray delivery systems; patients need to wear the tray for some time.

Anti-microbial treatment is effective when administered once scaling and root planing is complete. Our dentist near you, may also prescribe systemic anti-microbial medication, depending on the case.

What You Should Know About Non-Surgical Gum Disease Therapy

Non-surgical gum treatments in North Dallas, TX, are painless, and we numb the area before starting scaling and root planing treatment. Since we need to clean the area between the gums and the teeth, the gums may take a few weeks to heal. We urge patients to practice stringent oral hygiene during this time.


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