OraVerse® in North Dallas, TX

Are you feeling frustrated with oral numbness after a dental procedure? OraVerse® is a modern breakthrough in dental care that reverses the effect of local anesthesia.

Our experienced dentist near you explains what OraVerse® is and how it can help patients return to normalcy faster.

Why We Administer Anesthesia before Dental Treatment

Anesthesia helps deaden soft tissues during minimally invasive dental procedures, and patients feel more relaxed and less apprehensive about the procedure. The patient experiences no pain, and there are less anxiety and fear.

Our highly skilled Crooked Creek Dr. dentist near you, will apply a topical numbing gel and gently administer anesthesia with a mild injection. The numbing process is over within a few seconds, and the medication de-sensitizes the pain receptors.

Once the patient is calm, the dentist can proceed with the treatment.

Problems with Soft Oral Tissue Anesthesia

The dentist will apply a numbing gel or a gentle oral injection to de-sensitize the area to keep patients comfortable during procedures. Patients often tend to bite the inside of their cheeks or lips because they can’t feel it. It’s also difficult to eat, drink, or smile properly when your oral cavity is de-sensitized. Soft tissue anesthesia can also lead to uncontrolled drooling and a perceived alteration in appearance.

At times, dental anesthesia can last for up to 3 hours after treatment; most people feel uncomfortable and self-conscious until the effect wears off. Our Crooked Creek Dr. dentist near you at Connie J. Smith, DDS recommends OraVerse® to expedite the reversal of anesthesia effects.

OraVerse® Helps You Return to Normalcy within Minutes

We recommend OraVerse® for patients who don’t want to experience the lingering numbness after a dental procedure. You will be able to regain normalcy within minutes. Our Crooked Creek Dr. dentist near you recommends OraVerse® in North Dallas, TX, for cavity preparations, non-surgical gum treatment, fillings, inlays, onlays, veneers, and crowns.


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