Porcelain bridges in North Dallas, TX

At Connie J Smith DDS, we encourage you to see a teeth bridges dentist near you for possible dental bridges in North Dallas, TX.

We understand why many patients might not be eager to replace missing teeth. You might think that a missing tooth in the back of the mouth isn’t worth replacing, but it is.

Knowing that there’s a teeth bridges dentist near you that can provide you with restorative options like dental bridges is important. At Connie J Smith DDS, we help dozens of patients get bridges, implants, and dentures each month. These are all valid restorative options. We can only recommend the best option for you after examining your teeth.

Why Replacement Matters

Replacing missing teeth can easily be overlooked. Patients usually don’t postpone replacing missing front teeth, however, they often neglect missing back teeth. Our teeth aren’t fixed in their positions. Their positions are adjusted depending on how much space they have. For example, when a tooth is lost, more space becomes available in the jaw. Your teeth will start to take advantage of it and shift away from each other. Gaps will start to appear between your teeth, and your smile will be distorted.

Patients with multiple missing teeth are at risk of further complications. The way our tongues move against our teeth help us articulate. Chewing and getting sufficient nutrition can also be difficult if multiple teeth are missing, especially in the elderly.

Dental Bridges in North Dallas, TX

Dental bridges have been around for years. Thousands of people around the country have dental bridges. A bridge is a skeleton or frame that carries the artificial tooth. This frame needs to be attached on either end to healthy teeth. As long as the teeth adjacent to the gap are healthy, you will be able to get a dental crown. These teeth will need to be fitted with crowns for support.

A dental bridge will let you resume your life normally. It looks natural and will keep your teeth in place. It will also make sure you don’t have any trouble talking or chewing. Dental bridges in North Dallas, TX, are permanent and last many years. Consult with our teeth bridges dentist near you at Connie J Smith, DDS.


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