Root canal treatment in North Dallas, TX

Root canal treatment in North Dallas, TX, helps preserve natural teeth by cleaning out infected or decayed material from the tooth’s interior.

General dentists and endodontists can perform root canals, which may involve surgical or straightforward treatment, depending on the case.

Connie J Smith DDS explains why you may need a root canal and what to expect during a root canal procedure.

Who Needs Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment in North Dallas, TX, may not be needed for every type of toothache. However, the following signs may indicate the need for a root canal.

• Severe tooth pain while biting down in a specific part of your oral cavity

• A small, raised pimple or bump near the area of tooth pain

• Lingering sensitivity even after consuming hot or cold foods

• Swelling or tenderness near the area of a toothache

• Darkening of the tooth

Root canal procedures are associated with a high rate of success, and with proper brushing and flossing, the tooth can last for a lifetime.

Our Thunder Rd dentist near you is the best person to help you determine the best mode of treatment for tooth pain or discomfort. Please call us for painless root canals near you.

Root Canals Usually Require Two Visits

You will generally need two appointments to complete a root canal procedure.

We will first numb the area using oral anesthetic to reduce pain and sensitivity. The dentist will then open up the tooth’s crown to access the tooth canal that needs to be cleared. The root canal is then cleaned, and the infected fluid is drained.

The dentist will seal the space with a composite filling to prevent re-infection. The dentist will place a crown to cover the weakened tooth and protect it from injury and infection.

During routine checkups, our dentist will check the root canal and crown to ensure optimal oral health.

We may need to perform surgical root canal treatment in North Dallas, TX, for severely infected or impacted teeth.


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