Why Do You Require A Dental X-Ray?

Why Do You Require A Dental X-Ray?

Mar 01, 2021

You might need a dental radiograph for many purposes. Your dental radiograph can assist in the evaluation of your oral health, diagnosis of dental conditions, and treatment monitoring.

Dental X-rays are electromagnetic waves that generate images of the internal structure of your body. When the pictures are portrayed by the x-ray machine, they are usually in black and white. This is as a result of the reality that different tissues absorb varying quantities of radiation. These waves can be used to look into your bones and joints. They can examine soft tissues such as internal organs and even the tissues of the gum. Dental structures may appear lighter or darker depending on the density of the entities.

Dental radiographs are done using low quantities of radiation to capture images of the inner teeth, jaw, and gums. Using this mechanism, your dentist can make a proper diagnosis. Dentists in North Dallas, TX can perform routine dental radiographs once or twice a year. As a new patient, you could see dentists at 4965 Thunder Rd Dallas, TX 75244, to get a clear picture of your dental health. Dental X-rays are just as important as getting your teeth cleanings done. Because the radiation that you are exposed to is very low, the adverse effects of dental radiographs are very minimal. It is often considered safe for both children and adults. Exposure to electromagnetic waves is reduced by the use of a lead shield, lead apron, or lead thyroid collar. This is why you should get your radiographs done at 12835 Preston Rd Dallas, TX 75230.

What Are The Various Types Of Dental Xrays You Could Undergo?

There are different kinds and anyone could be used by the dentist near you. Before the process is performed, it is required that you brush your teeth in. The various types of dental radiographs show varying views of the mouth.

The types of radiographs include bitewing, periapical, panoramic, or occlusional radiograph. Bitewing radiographs are done to locate early signs of decay between the back teeth and bicuspids(teeth in front of the molar). It is also used to check for cavities in between the teeth. Occlusional radiographs are done to see how your upper and lower jaw line up when your jaw is closed. It detects abnormalities in the structure of the roof and floor of your mouth. Panoramic radiation is used to check your wisdom teeth, plan for implantation of dental devices and investigate jaw problems. Paranomic radiation shows the entire mouth in one image. The periapical procedure is focused directly on two complete teeth from root to crown. Other radiographs which could be performed by your dentist include cephalometric and cone-beam computed tomography radiographs.

You could also undergo extraoral procedures when your dentist suspects there might be problems in areas apart from your gum and teeth, such as your jaw. You’ll be required to hold still when the pictures from the machine are being documented. When spacers or film holders are used, they can be shifted and adjusted in your mouth to obtain a clearer picture. 6280 Lyndon Johnson Fwy Dallas, TX 75240 is a great location to get your dental radiograph done.

What Problems Could Your Dental X-ray Detect?

When a dental radiograph is carried out, it could be used to determine the problems going on in your teeth, gum, and jaw. Some of these problems include showing very small areas of decay between the teeth which are visible when doing an oral exam and identification of decay existing beneath a tissue graft. Periodontal radiographs detect and identify bone loss about gum diseases, hidden dental structures, malignant and benign masses, and cavities in the tooth. It could be applied in the process of tooth implants, and fixing prosthetics such as braces and dentures.

Children, smokers, people who have dry mouths (xerostomia), people who drink a lot of sugary beverages should take dental radiographs more frequently at dentists in Dallas, TX.

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